About us

Compliance Consultants on a mission

Compliance Champs is a consultancy firm located in the center of Rotterdam. We help financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, asset managers and crypto service providers) to effectively and efficiently manage their compliance & integrity risks. We look beyond complying with laws and regulations. With our extensive expertise and experience at a variety of financial institutions, we are able to continuously improve your compliance risk management.

Our primary focus is on improving the “Know Your Customer” framework of our clients. With our holistic approach, we not only help you make strategic choices, but we also come up with robust, practical and cost-effective solutions. In addition, we also look at commercial opportunities that this entails.

We are energized by the opportunities at the intersection of laws & regulations, business and the rapid development of technology. We work together with various business partners with whom we can make the different parts of your KYC framework better and smarter. In this way we contribute to the integrity of the financial sector.

We open our network to freelancers, ambitious Compliance Consultants and financial institutions that are looking for talent. We also like to connect organizations that can achieve far-reaching synergy in developing optimal client solutions. We offer a platform where supply and demand connect seamlessly. This with the aim of benefiting all parties in the collaboration, which ultimately leads to happy Compliance professionals – both our clients, business partners, freelancers, own consultants and supervisors.

Our challenges

The world around us is changing and the complex laws and regulations that apply to your organization are also changing. We understand that it is challenging to remain compliant with laws and regulations, and at the same time control the compliance costs as much as possible to keep your business profitable.

As a result, you need high-quality and sustainable solutions for a good price. However, you are faced by the fact that necessary talent is increasingly difficult to find in the large pond of freelancers and Consultants. At the same time, it is a challenge for freelancers to find an organization which is in need of their specific skills at the desired moment in time.

Our promises

Working with a flexible organization is ideal in times of uncertainty, change or short timelines. We think it is important that our clients get value for money. We therefore strive to tackle your challenges at the root cause, to come up with a sustainable solution to make ourselves as redundant as possible. We do this by supplying the right people who have the necessary quality and experience to address your issue.

With passion, a strong delivery focus, a no-nonsense mentality, a transparent way of communicating and a warm and personal approach, we will get to work for you, striving to make ourselves redundant. And this for a fair and transparent price, which is lower than that of our competitors. If you are ready to use our services for your organization, our Compliance Champs are ready to help you.


Our mission is to make compliance professionals happy. People love to have meaningful relationships, do meaningful work, and contribute to society. Today, financial institutions need to deal with an evolving regulatory landscape to stay compliant and maintain their reputation as a responsible business.

Our Compliance Champs are energized by tackling complex compliance challenges faced by our clients – banks, insurance companies asset managers and crypto service providers – helping to strengthen the integrity of the financial system. We believe that maximum results for our clients are achieved when there is shared value for our clients, business partners and Compliance Champs.

That is why we pay attention to the person behind the colleague, our client and business partner. We create a safe and inspiring environment in which our hungry and eager Champs can continuously develop themselves, fulfill their potential and ambitions and enjoy their work.

We understand that compliance is not only about complying with laws and regulations, but that it also offers (commercial) opportunities for our clients. By continuously investing in personal client relationships, we gain a better understanding of what our clients actually need. With our no-nonsense mentality, transparent way of communicating and the aim to make ourselves redundant, we always go the extra mile. With this we create optimal results that ultimately lead to satisfied client, business partners and Champs – who enjoy working together, at a fair and good price.

Compliance Champs manifesto

We practice what we preach

We treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves. We live up to our word and we keep our promises. We believe that this ultimately leads to trust, the basis for meaningful and lasting relationships.

We are friends

We actively pay attention to the person behind the colleague, client or business partner. We promote a culture of honesty, authenticity and safe conflict. We treat each other as friends would treat each other. We enjoy our work, which leads to optimal results and client satisfaction.

We leave our jersey in a better place

As Compliance Consultants, we see it as our task to improve our client’s compliance organization and to make ourselves redundant. We make sure that we leave the client’s organization in a better state.

We are honest but polite

We believe that honest and open communication is a precondition for a successful collaboration. Honesty will ultimately lead to the optimal outcome for our clients.

We are eager and always going the extra mile

We are passionate about our profession and always go the extra mile to tackle your challenge at its root cause . We are eager to learn and strive to continuously improve our services. We take our responsibility to ensure that our services remain competitive. We think big and set high expectations again and again, and always try to exceed those expectations.