Cryptocurrency Financial Crime Risk Management

Date: 2 June 2022

The adoption of cryptocurrencies (virtual assets) in the Dutch economy is increasing. Trend developments show that crypto is here to stay. It can add value to the current financial system and also provide assistance in humanitarian disasters (such as the war in Ukraine). Cryptos can offer opportunities, but also come with risks. For example, criminals can use cryptos for money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion and circumvention of sanctions regulations.

How can we help

Laws, regulations and supervision with regard to crypto are still developing. However, it is already important to develop knowledge, vision and policies with regard to cryptos within your organization so that you are well prepared and protect your organization as well as possible.

Our Consultants have extensive experience in developing KYC policies regarding crypto at financial institutions. We are aware of the discussions that take place in public-private partnerships and have extensive experience in providing training in the field of crypto.

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